Los Hopper –is– (Either/Or/And):


A) The collective name of Stefano, María José
and a growing pool of transient collaborators and friends.

B) Not a Spanish last-name, but effectively for various reasons and communicative purposes, a family name with a Spanish accent. Whose phonetic characteristics signify the occupation of a parallel space; with it's distinctive dialect, alternative systems, ¬and singular cultural identity.

C) A cooperative design studio run by a Costa Rican duo living in Los Angeles, California.

D) The trade of publications, periodicals, logotypes, Lorenzo sandwiches, identities, workshops, posters, creative content, websites, brewed coffee in cups, dialogues, illustrations, ideas, art directing, rice
and bean breakfasts, prints and PowerPoints.

E) Multi-lingual.

F) Dedicated to the ideation of communally active design initiatives.

G) Essentially deriving from a practical union between design theories and activities, and the implementation of fundamental
social and cultural anthropological notions.

H) Located at 1280 ½ S. Citrus Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90019

1280 1/2 S. Citrus Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90019
+1 (661) 755 6184